At 3research, we've been helping consumers to make more informed car buying decisions since 2006!

On this website, you'll find a detailed breakdown of vehicle information for every single car sold in the UK. We also maintain several vehicle league tables:

CO2 Emissions League Tables– Cut Back to Save on Your Road Tax

Check out our CO2 Emissions League Table (Cars with up to 100 g/km CO2) can help you save on road tax.

Making sure you're in the know about vehicle CO2 emissions really can benefit your bank balance! Road tax is now free for vehicles with 100km/gram or less CO2 emissions. Use our CO2 emissions league table to find vehicles that could cut your road tax costs!

Vehicle Fuel Efficiency League Tables

Take a look at our Fuel Efficiency League Table (Top Cars by MPG) to find out which vehicles will get you further for your fuel spend.

Fuel costs just keep on rising here in the UK, but our league tables can help you to get the best fuel efficiency. Find out which cars will give you more miles for your money!

User Reviews League Table

Our Best Cars by Owner Reviews league table collates all the information we've received from you – our users! We've read your reviews, we've posted them on the site and we've used them to create a league table of the best cars based on them.